What Will They Remember?

For so many of us, we have said, “These are crazy times” over and over.

The truth is, it is. I was talking to a group of my friends awhile ago and I said something that rang true for so many of us. I said, “Our kids won’t remember the things we didn’t do, but they will remember what we did do.” Stop and think about that for a second. Will your kids remember that they didn’t get to play with their friends at school for awhile or will they remember the lego creations you made together? Will they remember that they had to do school online or will they remember the nature walk you went on together as a family? Will they remember having to learn a new skill through a computer or will they remember how you sat down with them and helped them figure it out in person? Our kids will always the remember the things we did with them and they won’t remember what they have lost.

Our kids are taking our lead and they are reading us for how to react to things. So, today is the day to give yourself a ton of grace. When technology just isn’t working, then give your child a memory that you can share for a lifetime. When they are struggling on a skill or regressing in something you know they know, take a break together and do something fun together. Our kids are reading us, and if we stress out or get upset about where things are at, then they will think this is ok.

Am I telling you that this is something easy to do? Of course not! We aren’t perfect and things are going to upset us and stress us out. We are living in a time like never before and we are walking through uncharted waters. When you find yourself getting stress out and your frustration level is starting to rise, STOP, say a prayer and do something with your child they will remember. I promise in the future, these will be the things that remember FOREVER!

by Amy Kendall


  • Chris Reed | Pastor to Parents | Saddleback Church

    Chris married his beautiful bride, Tina, in 1990. They have three wonderful adult children, Jacob, Kaylee, and Macie Joy. Chris began pastoring at a church in Los Angeles in 1995 where he was the Children’s and Student Pastor. He was the Executive Pastor of Student Ministries at John Maxwell's church in South Florida before he came to Saddleback in 2008 as our Pastor to 20s/30s. He has since served as Pastor to Singles and Pastor to Marriages. He is currently our Pastor to Parents leading the charge for all things Parents Ministry at Saddleback. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and his Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

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