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3 Ways To Prepare Your Family For A Magical Christmas

Can you believe it? Christmas is knocking on our doors again! And as parents, we’ve got this amazing opportunity to make it a time our kiddos will remember forever…not just with tinsel and sparkles, scents of cinnamon and pine, and tastes of eggnog and peppermint…but with real, heart-touching moments.

We know that Christmas isn’t just about the twinkling lights or the sound of carols, but it’s about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We want to help create moments that touch our souls and bind us closer together. So, let’s look at 3 Ways To Prepare Your Family For A Magical Christmas:

  1. Establish Heartfelt Traditions
    Think about the traditions from your childhood that made your heart leap. Can you incorporate any of these into your family holiday celebration? Ask your friends what they do. Maybe your kids will enjoy the same things. Do a Google search to come up with ideas.It could be celebrating Advent, cozying up by the fireplace and reading the Nativity story, or creating a joyful mess by baking Christmas cookies for the neighbors. Watching a Saddleback Kids Christmas Story or a cinematic showing of Jesus’ birth like something from The Chosen are additional suggestions.Christmas traditions aren’t just activities. They remind us of the true meaning of Christmastime. They pass down values of love, kindness, and togetherness from one generation to the next. They will help you prepare your family for a magical Christmas.
  2. Spread the Joy of Giving
    Christmas is a season of giving, and what better way to celebrate than by teaching our kids the blessing of sharing? It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Simple acts like donating toys, helping neighbors, or spending time volunteering at church or in the community can fill their hearts with warmth. These moments show our little ones that the true joy of Christmas lies in spreading the love and kindness of Jesus.
  3. Create Moments for Reflection
    Amidst the hustle, carve out moments of peace and reflection. How about creating a special daily time for family prayers, reading Luke Chapter 2, or attending a beautiful church service together? These moments help us connect with the deeper meaning of Christmas—the incredible gift of Jesus Christ and the hope He brings to our lives.

So, during the festive rush, let’s not forget the real reason for the season. Let’s nurture family bonds, teach our kids the joy of giving, and help them understand the incredible gift of Jesus. Here’s to a Christmas filled with laughter, warmth, and moments that etch themselves into the hearts of our families for years to come. Merry Christmas!

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  • Chris Reed | Pastor to Parents | Saddleback Church

    Chris married his beautiful bride, Tina, in 1990. They have three wonderful adult children, Jacob, Kaylee, and Macie Joy. Chris began pastoring at a church in Los Angeles in 1995 where he was the Children’s and Student Pastor. He was the Executive Pastor of Student Ministries at John Maxwell's church in South Florida before he came to Saddleback in 2008 as our Pastor to 20s/30s. He has since served as Pastor to Singles and Pastor to Marriages. He is currently our Pastor to Parents leading the charge for all things Parents Ministry at Saddleback. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and his Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

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