Temperature Goes Up

If you’re feeling a bit more exhausted than usual, you’re in good company! Each of us has had to make some big adjustments in our daily rhythms and routines over the last couple of weeks. I may be stepping out on a limb here, but my feeling is that the pressure at home has gone up just a little bit! Okay…maybe a lot!

Each of us has been affected by this crisis in a variety of ways. Between managing homeschool for the kids, losing the ability to go into the office, or maybe carrying the stress that you no longer have a job to go to, the pressure has gone up!

When the temperature of life’s circumstances turns up in my life, my tendency often leads me to focus on the negative over the positive. The changing over the unchanging. When my perspective shifts from the glass half full to half empty, that unfriendly giant of anxiety begins to make an unwelcome advance towards me. If it’s left unchecked, this giant can reveal some of the uglier sides of me impacting the way I think, the way I act and the way I speak. The unfortunate fallout of my responses often impacts those closest to me the most.

Looking back to when I was a kid, I can remember the unsettling and uncertain times of war, natural disasters, economic crashes, financial crisis’, and terrorist attacks. These moments of the crisis triggered a wide variety of responses in each of the homes we grew up in and the fingerprints of your parents or your caregiver’s responses to these moments likely made a lasting impact on you. Hopefully, for the better; but, maybe for the worse.

Now that we’re parents, we carry the amazing and weighty responsibility of parenthood. We now sit at the table as the main influencers in our homes. We’re the shepherds of our little, or big flocks. With that responsibility comes the ability to set the temperature and the tone in our homes. The question is, during crisis moments, what fingerprints are we leaving on the hearts and minds of our kids as the temperature goes up?

I believe, God has set in front of us an amazing opportunity to lean into. An opportunity that will no doubt require greater intentionality and courage from each of us. Yet, God has appointed you, chosen you and equipped you for such a time as this.

To do what? Of the many things, here are just a few to keep in mind. Through this crisis, we have the opportunity to demonstrate to our kids how to embrace hope in Jesus, how to express gratitude in all things, how to exhibit generosity towards others, and how to encourage authenticity with each other.

Whether you care to admit it or not, you’re teaching your kids something every minute you’re with them. That’s a lot of pressure! Its times like these that test our parenting resolve the most. However, let me remind you, you got this. You do! How do I know? Because god’s got this. The moment you courageously release control and allow God to be in control of your circumstances its there that perfect peace can flow. Our God is for us not against us!

Maybe you feel ill-equipped or overwhelmed, that’s okay! Trust me I’m having my moments these days too! But keep in mind, not only is god for you, your church family is for you.

Friends, let’s lean in together and make the most of this moment that god’s entrusted to us in order to lead our kids closer to Jesus and his way. As we look back upon this season, my hope, is that our kids will not be ignorant of the pain points that existed around them or that they experienced at home, but, that those pain points will be completely overshadowed by what you taught them as they watched you lean into Jesus and your church family through the pain points. That’s a gift that will long outlive you!


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