Getting Through Conflict

I will freely admit that being cooped up in the house doesn’t always make for boundless happiness in my heart and mind. The little things that our spouse or kids do start to wear the patience layer down quite quickly and next thing you know, things start sliding downhill. I am fairly confident that this has been an event in many households from the other parents that I have spoken to, so I think you might be able to relate. I will first say that this is normal so please do not feel like you are alone in this.

There are a few techniques that can be used in these situations so you might want to see what works best in your house.

  1. When you feel things starting to go off the rails, take a beat, breathe and reevaluate the situation. Maybe say what you want to say in your head first (filter on!) and then rephrase in a kinder way that might have originally come out.
  2. Stepping away for a brief moment might be best if you aren’t able to have that filter on. Remember that this one might make the situation a little more tense because that person might start to feel abandoned, so use this with caution.
  3. Laughter is the best medicine. Infusing humor into the situation can sometimes bring this to a lighter level. Just remember if you want to use humor, that the jokes aren’t pointed at that person but more of a funny take on the events that are unfolding.
  4. Have a way to decompress with each other that doesn’t involve electronics. The art of talking through things are quickly being lost. We are finding that it is getting harder to work through a conflict using words without being distracted. Keep that bond close.
  5. Never go to bed angry. I know this is something grandma used to say but there is a lot to be said to close our eyes with a happy heart.
  6. Remember that we are all experiencing the situation differently. If you have those conversations with your kids and loved ones, you will get to really know what makes them tick and be able to be more empathetic to what they are feeling.
  7. Most importantly, is to pray together. Opening your hearts and mind to God will help you through a situation and is the most powerful thing you can do to combat strife and heartache.

Know that you are doing the best you can navigating these uncharted waters of the world. Stick close to God, hug your loved ones and know that we have read the end of the Book, and it’s going to be just fine!