Herd Mentality

What image comes to mind when you hear the words “herd mentality”? Here are just a few that popped up for me: Wildebeest in droves migrating across the Masaai Mara. A sheepdog boisterously keeping a herd of sheep massed together. The protective band of elephants coming to the rescue of the baby calf in need. […]

Longest Wait EVER

Guessing you OR your child has bemoaned this at some point and time. “This is the longest wait EVER!” I’m sure standing in line for an amusement park ride, an impatient child has shrieked this in dismay. I imagine a hangry stomach has stomped one’s foot at the restaurant’s hour plus wait to be seated. […]

Not Only By Your Creator, But by Me Too

Not only by your Creator, but by me. What we want to tell our kids: My sweet child, You are so loved. I would do anything to see you smile, hear you laugh or feel your hugs. The three things that brighten my day more than anything are your smile, laugh and hugs.  There is […]

Building Kids’ Confidence

When our kids are little, it seems that they have all the confidence in the world. They can rock that Batman suit or tutu over jeans and mismatched socks like it’s no one’s business while strutting through Target. As they get older, they start to see things a little different and notice that others might […]

Talking about Finances with your Kids

Finances are a tricky conversation for our kids, though it is something that should be discussed so it doesn’t feel taboo. I remember growing up and my parents always going to the other room to discuss money and me wondering what was happening. There was no concept of needing to work to earn money to […]

Showing Sadness

It’s ok to show emotions Everyone gets sad, it’s just a part of life in this broken world. So often, we find ourselves trying to protect our children from the pain of the world around us. Sometimes we go to another room to cry or take a walk leaving our kids to wonder what is […]

Setting Vision With Your Kids

On a crisp morning, we made, (emphasis on made) our daughter get out into nature for a hike. Slower than molasses we made our way through nature with a not so happy nine-year-old straggling behind us. I decided to take things a step further and engage her in a goal setting session as we wove […]