Not Only By Your Creator, But by Me Too

Not only by your Creator, but by me.

What we want to tell our kids:

My sweet child,

You are so loved. I would do anything to see you smile, hear you laugh or feel your hugs. The three things that brighten my day more than anything are your smile, laugh and hugs.  There is nothing you could do to make us stop loving you, not only by your Creator, but by me.

I wish that you didn’t have to go through hard times, but these are the times that you will grow stronger. The troubles that you will face will show you how to keep moving forward, even when the road gets bumpy. You will never be alone in your hard times, we will be with you, not only your Creator, but me.

I wish that every dream you have comes true. Though they may not, your future is going to be so bright and amazing. We won’t often see the path in front of us but that is when we pray for the Holy Spirit to lead us. Just trust in Him, always. We will make sure you are shining brightly, not only your Creator, but me too.

I wish you could see how unique, wonderful, creative, talented and special you are. Never underestimate your ability to climb the highest mountain. Be courageous and confident in all that you do. There is no other person like you. We celebrate you, not only your Creator, but me.

Rise above the normal. Reach for the stars. Never stop believing. Know that you are you for a reason. There will always be love surrounding you. The light will always overcome the darkness. Keep your hope firmly anchored in Him. We love you for always, not only by your Creator, but by me.


Not only by your  Creator, but by me too