The Push-and-Pull of Parenting

Countless things are vying for your attention, time and energy. There are constant forces pushing and pulling on you as a parent. Identify what is pushing or pulling you in different directions, possibly leaving you frustrated, unfocused or fearful. Learn to shift what is pushing and pulling you so that you can experience greater peace […]

A Lost Art or Not?

We are facing a pandemic. A mass “eye infection”, if you will. Eye contact has become a lost art. Instead, our eyes are glued to screens, pages, and every possible distraction rather than locked in with the eyes of another human being. I have sat in rooms filled with hundreds of teenagers locked in to […]

Smart Phone Safety, Survival and Sanity!

  All throughout history, our advancements have also brought unintended side effects. And while the side effects rarely outweigh the benefits (for example, I’m not about to quit eating pizza simply because of the side effect of heart burn!), it’s important to recognize that there is a downside to many of the luxuries and advances […]

Parent’s Guide: Giving Your Student a Cell Phone

The milestone of giving your student their first cell phone may be the most significant milestone of their adolescence. The oldest of Generation Z (born 1997-2012) would have been ten years old when the first iPhone hit the shelves; which many would say revolutionized the cell phone/smartphone market. This fact shaped their idea of what […]

6 Stats on How Social Media Affects Teens that Parents Need to Know

Social media, just like many of the other major components of the Internet, started out simple enough; connect with friends and spend time together when you cannot be physically together. However, just like many of the major components of the Internet, social media has blown up in popularity with adults and more so, teenagers, who […]

How Do I Select a Technology Monitoring Service?

Teens and kids today are spending more and more time online through mobile devices. Simply seeing our kids’ actions and behavior in the physical world is no longer enough to know how they are acting or who they are with since the rise of social media and these digital devices. So, what is a parent […]

TREND ALERT! November/December 2018

Every couple of months or so, we will provide you with a list of current trends you may want to be aware of as a parent. Here is a list of “Top 5s” for November and December, with links to the original location of the information, if you have the time and would like to do […]


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Fortnite, Helping Parents Win the Battle

Fortnite…it’s everywhere and has proven to be more than a game but rather, a cultural phenomenon. With close to 80 million people users, spending an average of $85 on “V-bucks” and “skins” on this free game, it’s influence has soared to epic proportions. And, if you are like most parents of children in the 10-18-year-old age […]