Supporting Children Through a Mental Health Crisis

A parent’s worst nightmare is hearing your child is struggling with thoughts of suicide. Kelly Rosati offers practical tools that she has learned from years of lived experience in supporting her kids. Join Kay and Kelly as they discuss where parents can find support for their children who struggle with suicidal thoughts. Additional resources for […]

Parenting…a Series of Phases

  Not long ago my wife and I experienced a milestone 24 years in the making…our youngest child moved out. We knew it would happen; it’s supposed to happen. We’ve officially entered our final phase of parenting, and it feels both exhilarating and sad. After all, it seems like only yesterday that we were bringing […]

Getting Over Over-parenting

The headlines have been laden with the college admissions scandal. The lengths that parents went to gain entry into prestigious universities was and is seemingly endless. It is easy from my position in life to read these headlines and think, “Never me” and “That is SO far away.” I mean, first of all, our household […]

The Phases of Parenting: College and Beyond

You have made it into the final phase of parenting! A variety of educational and career opportunities lay in front of your child. Similarly, a variety of approaches can be taken as you shift into the empty-nest phase. Close out “The Phases of Parenting” studies with what parenting your college and beyond child may hold. […]

Intro to the Phases of Parenting

Your child is currently in a particular phase of development. This video is an overview of the 5 phases that Saddleback Parents will look at the stages and phases of children and how it then impacts your goals and roles as a parent. Dive in to understand what these phases look like and how God […]

6 Stats on How Social Media Affects Teens that Parents Need to Know

Social media, just like many of the other major components of the Internet, started out simple enough; connect with friends and spend time together when you cannot be physically together. However, just like many of the major components of the Internet, social media has blown up in popularity with adults and more so, teenagers, who […]

How Do I Select a Technology Monitoring Service?

Teens and kids today are spending more and more time online through mobile devices. Simply seeing our kids’ actions and behavior in the physical world is no longer enough to know how they are acting or who they are with since the rise of social media and these digital devices. So, what is a parent […]

Preparing Your Kids for College

If college is in your kid’s future, understand that there are many ways to pursue a college education without being subjected to a lifetime of debt. For your child, it may mean choosing to attend a community college for the first two years, and then attending an in-state school for the last two years. There […]

TREND ALERT! November/December 2018

Every couple of months or so, we will provide you with a list of current trends you may want to be aware of as a parent. Here is a list of “Top 5s” for November and December, with links to the original location of the information, if you have the time and would like to do […]