Parenting…a Series of Phases


Not long ago my wife and I experienced a milestone 24 years in the making…our youngest child moved out. We knew it would happen; it’s supposed to happen. We’ve officially entered our final phase of parenting, and it feels both exhilarating and sad. After all, it seems like only yesterday that we were bringing our first child home from the hospital knowing our lives had suddenly changed forever.

My hunch is that if you are reading this little blog post, you aren’t an empty-nester because empty-nesters don’t typically spend time reading articles about parenting; that ship has sailed. Or so we are tempted to think. The reality is that even when our children move out from under our roofs, they don’t move out from under our influence as parents; our parenting simply enters into a new phase.

Parenting isn’t one long phase, but rather a series of phases in which your role as a parent morphs and adjusts as your child matures. And that’s why I’m so excited about the brand new videos we’ve added to our “On Track Parents” series dedicated to helping you parent through the phases. Here’s a quick overview to help you know which video is best for your current phase of parenting.

Phase 1: Birth-Kindergarten Your primary role in this phase is that of the “Caregiver”.

Phase 2: Elementary School Your primary role in this phase is that of the “Cop” or the “Corrector”.

Phase 3: Middle School In this phase, you step into the all-important role of the “Cheerleader”.

Phase 4: High School During the high school years, parents enter an exciting new phase…that of a “Coach”.

Phase 5: College and beyond This is the exciting new phase my wife and I find ourselves in; the “Consultant” phase.

If you are in a small group and looking for a great 4-week study you may want to click HERE to head over to our “On Track” series of videos & work through these four lessons together:

  1. The Purpose of Parenting
  2. The Potholes of Parenting part 1
  3. The Potholes of Parenting part 2
  4. The Phases of Parenting (Pick whichever phase you’d like)


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