Reflecting on Mother’s Day

“Mom, this is one of two days out of the year that you get to be appreciated!” This statement came out of my child’s mouth and I immediately let her know that just because it is “Mother’s Day,” the laundry still must be done, the groceries need to be bought, the dishes need to be cleaned and life still needs to continue. I said, “It’s just another day, sweetheart.” I knew that the moment I uttered those words, that I said the wrong thing. I was putting these thoughts in her mind, that I didn’t matter, that my hard work is just expected. Ugh, I tried to backpedal as fast as I could.

My daughter was so excited to celebrate me, but I was not in the right mindset, and I just wanted to continue living and not feeling like the world should revolve around me on this day. This seems like a typical sentiment for most moms. We are too busy trying to do it all, that we forget that we need some time to reflect on what we are accomplishing.

Our kiddos think the world of us even if we believe the lie that we are failing on every level imaginable. What they see is a mom who comforts them when they are hurt, cheers them on at their games, packs their lunch and will always be there for them, no matter what. As moms what we see is the laundry that hasn’t been folded, the paper that we didn’t sign for our kid, the work emails that are piling up and the fact that we didn’t make it to the store to get food for dinner. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be this picture-perfect mom, when honestly, we can’t attain that out-of-touch picture. Our reality is that God is perfect, and we are not. He gave us the miracle of raising these little human beings and has tasked us with loving them and being their earthly parents. For our kids, there is no task that is too small that they won’t love you for; though they may not realize it in the moment, it matters. You matter to them on so many levels.

Please hear this moms, and dads, too—it is ok to not get it right every time. We show others grace, but we don’t show ourselves grace. Please stop that train of thought and remind yourself that God thinks you are worthy, that you are good enough and you are loved no matter what. Your heart might be aching, but He will lighten your heart. Let Him know your frustrations and then let the Spirit come and guide your steps.

Take time to celebrate you being you. It doesn’t have to be on a day that is specified like Mother’s Day but any day that you feel like you made your child smile or laugh, or your child gave you a hug for no reason at all. When you need a boost, think of your kids and how proud you are of them, and then remember, that is how God sees you. You are so loved!