The Power of Living on Mission

As the world slowly is coming out of the pandemic, we know that things will look so different. Heading out onto the mission field might not be possible in the same way we know it for some time, but that doesn’t mean the missions need to stop. We can live on mission right here at home. Looking closely at this, it might be a good thing, and I would love to explain that.

When we are asked to go on mission, we are tasked with spreading the love of Jesus to those who do not know Him. Nowhere does it say that you need to board a plane to engage in this task, though important, we need to pivot with the reality of the world today. Sometimes families found it hard to accept going to a faraway land to do a mission trip, but if we live on mission in our hometowns, the whole family can be involved. Young kids now have an even greater opportunity to witness their parents and older siblings living out God’s Word to their neighbors or even strangers in their town. How cool is that? Little kids can help with grocery distribution, checking on neighbors, creating cards for the elderly or maybe something will stir in their souls and come up with something unique.

Saddleback Church has certainly grown into this new space and have helped lead many more people to Jesus than ever before, right here in our city, county, and state. Every day families are stepping up and filling that gap and kids are getting to be involved and see the change right in front of them.

School will be out soon, which means more hours to fill in the day.  How great would it be to get involved on a mission trip at home where kids will use their talents to help lead others to Jesus. Kids watch every move we make as parents and if we turn on our compassionate hearts to those who need it, our kids will find as they grow that this love becomes second nature. We need to plant these seeds and water them constantly, so the roots grow deep and strong in the love of Jesus.

There are so many ways to be involved whether it be big or small. Look at the Saddleback website for ideas or reach out to Saddleback Parents at Let’s live on mission as a church family and show the world what we can do!