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Get Help

If you are a parent or have a friend who could use some practical resources, additional help and wise counsel check out the ways to "Get Help" below.


Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to address destructive or compulsive behaviors, unhealthy relationships, addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, pornography), anger, shame, codependency (addiction to people and control), past abuse and so much more. People can find freedom from any hurt, hang-up or habit that is making their life unmanageable.


During the pandemic, we have the following available for you.

CRCR – Celebrate Recovery Crisis Response

Celebrate Recovery Crisis Response (CRCR) is an online Open Share group created as a temporary response to the pandemic. CRCR groups are issues and gender specific and meet online on Friday nights, women at 7 pm and men at 8 pm. For more information or to get involved in one of these groups, please email


Celebrate Recovery is meeting live at Saddleback’s Lake Forest campus on Friday nights from 7-8 pm. Because we care about your health, all open shares meet outside, honoring social distancing practices with participants wearing masks. These groups are gender specific, with men meeting by Central Park and women meeting on the Worship Center Patio, and all groups are “mixed issues” groups. Groups begin PROMPTLY at 7 and, to respect all participants, groups CLOSE at 7:10 pm. All Newcomers are welcome and meet on the Baptismal Patio.


During the pandemic, we have the following available for kids and students.

The LANDING – Celebrate Recovery for 7th-12th Graders

This is a difficult time for teens and The LANDING is a safe place for students to connect and talk about it with caring adults and each other. The LANDING meets on the Lake Forest campus from 7-8 pm on Friday nights outside of the CMC building. All students must wear masks and social distancing guidelines are honored.

CPCR – Celebration Place Crisis Response

Celebration Place is CR’s ministry for 1st through 6th graders. It has always been a place where kids can learn to identify their feelings and focus on healthy responses to difficult things. Has there been a better time for our kids to participate in this ministry? Our CPCR groups meet Sunday nights at 5 pm via Zoom. For more information, please email