Sensory Ideas for Distance Learning

Is my child the only one that finds hours after hours of Zooms and work at their desk tiresome and difficult? My son takes more breaks then a 9-month pregnant woman who just drank a Big Gulp. He is up and down, on and off video on Zooms, moving from his desk to his bed […]

What Will They Remember?

people walking on sidewalk during daytime

For so many of us, we have said, “These are crazy times” over and over. The truth is, it is. I was talking to a group of my friends awhile ago and I said something that rang true for so many of us. I said, “Our kids won’t remember the things we didn’t do, but […]

Advocacy in Quarantine

boy in green crew neck t-shirt sitting beside girl in white mask

Have any of you felt the need to fight a little harder for our kids while in quarantine? Have you asked yours, “How much more can they take away from my kid?” Then you aren’t alone. I have shed many a tear when having to dealing with school counselors and teachers and all the changes […]