More Than Enough

parent pit-stop

In this episode of Parent Pit Stop, Kurt shares one of the most famous moments of Jesus’ ministry and reminds us that oftentimes God not only meets our needs… but gives us a little extra.

Running on Empty

parent pit-stop

In this episode of Parent Pit Stop, Kurt talks about making sure you find time to do the things that fill your tank.

The Short & Long-Term

parent pit-stop

The uncertainty of tomorrow, next week and next month can be overwhelming. Be reminded about how to live in the short-term, day-to-day, while keeping a long-term, bigger picture vision in mind. Start today, start now!

Middle schoolers be like

If you are raising a middle schooler, sometimes you just have to have a good laugh. Can you relate to any of this?!?!

Connection in Social Distancing

As someone who thrives off of in-person connections and relationships, social distancing has been like my kryptonite. Guess that is why God blessed us with a high-energy household of kids to fill that void in these times of quarantine. But even though social distancing is on trend, does not mean that you cannot also remain […]

As Children Face Disappointments, Parents Can Help Them Develop Resilience

Hey Parents!  From time to time during this health crisis, we will be sharing links to stories, articles or resources that we think may be helpful.  Not all of them will be from a faith-based perspective, so please keep that in mind!  Here is a great article about helping our children develop resilience. Read the Full Article

Surviving At-Home

parent pit-stop

There is no time like the present, in the “new norm” of being at-home for work, school, play, meals and more, to take an intentional pitstop. Get your at-home living started on the right foot with these three foundational reminders. Survive, and even win, at parenting at-home.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Fears

YOU’VE GOT THIS Most nights, our family gathers together for family time. Some nights we shoot baskets on the Over the Door basketball hoop. Other times we talk about school, some random YouTube videos, or thoughts on God. Our sons, 11 and 14, are usually moving all-around and talking up a storm, developmentally appropriate for […]

The Juggle

One of the most consistent compliments I get is my high capacity—multitasking juggler of many kids, jobs, roles and responsibilities. You would think that would be an asset in this season of major multitasking juggling from home. It has definitely helped, but it has also left my brain on the verge of explosion with all […]

Teaching Kids to Deal with Consequences

“For every action, there is an equally powerful reaction.” What scientists have known for centuries many children seem to have difficulty understanding. Now, why is that? Well, I’m no scientist, but I do have a theory on this issue. Children do not learn about consequences because their parents never teach them that such consequences could […]