Connection in Social Distancing

As someone who thrives off of in-person connections and relationships, social distancing has been like my kryptonite. Guess that is why God blessed us with a high-energy household of kids to fill that void in these times of quarantine. But even though social distancing is on trend, does not mean that you cannot also remain connected too:

Praise the Lord for technology. Seriously, what if this had happened 20 or even 10 years ago? Who knows what our quarantine connections would have looked like. Technology is allowing us to remain connected unlike ever before. Don’t get me wrong, countless online connects via Facetime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat can be wearying BUT they at least allow some level of face-to-face interaction.

Encourage one another. This is nothing “new” when it relates to communications on social media. The trolling, criticism and shaming runs rampant. What if you took a stand to replace it with encouragement, hope and support? Find ways to build up your community on social media. Shine your light brightly for others to see.

Good old-fashioned opportunities. There is no better time than the present to engage in some good, old-fashioned traditions. Take a blast from the past and pick up your phone to talk with someone on the phone. Grab a pen and paper to write notes, letters or cards to those near or far. Whether you are tech-savvy or not pick up your phone, pen and/or paper to connect with those you care about.

Game on! Time to kick back and play games. The beauty of technology allows us to play games online with each other, even with the ability to see each other while doing so. Or you can take out a gaming system to play with others online or in the house. Another “blast from the past” are board games. Dust off the boxes and take out the long-time classics OR the newest goofiest editions of board games. Whatever you opt for, laughter is bound to erupt from a little bit of lighthearted competition.

Shine bright for Jesus. There are countless ways to shine bright for Jesus in these difficult times. Chalk your driveway and sidewalks with Bible verses and positive quotes. Post signs in your front windows of encouragement. Help an elderly neighbor with grocery delivery. Support a food pantry with much-needed donations. Now is the time to rise up and connect your family with the heart and deepest needs of others.

While physical distance is a reality that should be taken seriously, it does not mean that connection on a deeper relational, mental, emotional and spiritual level must remain distant too. Be intentional, reach out and get connected in the social distance.


  • Liza Gant

    Liza is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist focused on Christian counseling in south Orange County. She is a graduate of the University of California San Diego with a BA in Sociology. And she has earned two Masters—Marriage & Family Therapy and Psychology—in her post-graduate work at Alliant International University. She and her husband, Jeremy, live in Orange County, California with their precious four children—3 girls and 1 boy.

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