Dear, Coach

As spring sports season is well underway, just wanted to take a moment to write to the “Coach” leading any and all youth sports Dear, Coach Thank you! We see you and appreciate you! While this letter is to express our deepest gratitude for you, it is also a reminder for the sideline parents who […]

10 Phrases Children of EVERY Age Like to Hear

Some things never go out of style…and words of affirmation and encouragement from mom and dad are at the top of the list.  So whether they let you know it or not, your children love to hear you pouring positive words into their lives.  Here are ten to get you started! “You are getting so […]

3 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Kids

Parents have been struggling to connect and understand their children for generations. Your parents wondered why you did the things you did, pondered how to better relate to your interests, and even tried to create moments where they felt less like a parent and more like a friend. It seems like the increase in innovation […]

Eleven Ideas to Keep Your Kids Feeling Like a Valentine All Year

Valentine’s day just passed, and I’m sure you did something for your child that made them feel a little extra special…like you do every year on February 14th.  Valentine’s day is a great annual reminder of the importance of showing the special people in our lives a little extra love and attention.  But why should […]

4 Ways to Get Through Grief

It’s easy to convince ourselves that one day we’ll “get over it” when it comes to dealing with grieve. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Grief is a process. Grief is a complicated thing. And it pops up for so many different reasons. The death of a loved one is not the only occasion […]

Five Reasons Your Teen and PreTeen Want You to Set Boundaries

Does your preteen or teenager really want boundaries? While you will never hear your teens say to you, “Can you please add some more restrictions to my life?” they really do want to know what’s expected of them and what will be the consequences of violating the boundaries that you’ve set. In homes where parents set clear boundaries for […]