Eleven Ideas to Keep Your Kids Feeling Like a Valentine All Year

Valentine’s day just passed, and I’m sure you did something for your child that made them feel a little extra special…like you do every year on February 14th.  Valentine’s day is a great annual reminder of the importance of showing the special people in our lives a little extra love and attention.  But why should February 14th get all the fun?  Here are eleven ideas you can do for your children on the 14th of each month…one for each month…to keep the fun and love going strong all year.

March 14th  Make a pancake breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes

April 14th  Give your child a hand-written list:  “14 Things I Love About You!”

May 14th  Tell your younger child that their bedtime has been extended by exactly 14 minutes!

June 14th  Surprise your child with a $14 spending spree at Target or the store of their choice.

July 14th  Valentine’s Day in July!  Give your child a hand-made valentine card.

Aug. 14th  It’s hot!  Make an unexpected trip to the ice cream or frozen yogurt shop.

Sept. 14th  Kid’s choice night!  They pick the dinner menu and post-dinner family activity.

Oct. 14th  Halloween comes early!  Buy them a king-sized version of their favorite candy.

Nov. 14th  Around the dinner table, or at bedtime, spend a few minutes talking about God’s love and the various ways your family has experienced it recently.

Dec. 14th  Do your child’s least favorite chore on their behalf!

Jan. 14th  Start the new year off by sharing with your child a few things about them from LAST year that made most proud.