Santa Strategies

Several years ago I learned a youth pastor lesson the hard way. I was speaking to a room full of 7th and 8th graders on the topic of “How Do I Know Jesus Is Real?”; an important topic for young teenagers to wrestle through! Assuming that no 11-14-year-olds still believed in Santa Claus, I used […]

Learn How to Fight For Your Family with Rick Warren

Awesome families prepare us for life. But just like any other great relationship, an awesome family is not automatic or unintentional — you’re going to have to fight for it. In this second message of the series, Pastor Rick Warren uses biblical truth and his own experiences as a dad and counselor of families to […]

Learn How To Show Mercy to Your Family with Rick Warren

The hardest place to show mercy is in your home. It’s often easier to show mercy to strangers than someone close to us. But, when we are unmerciful to our family, we have the greatest potential to cause deep hurt and pain. Pastor Rick Warren continues The Miracle of Mercy at Saddleback Church with this […]

How To Bring Out the Best In Your Kids And Others ( Part 2) with Rick Warren

There’s no question that having children costs money, time, and sleep! But the investment is worth every ounce of energy — kids keep us younger, smarter, and revitalize our lives. In this message, Pastor Rick tells us the five principles to bring out the best in kids or anyone else. You’ll learn how to accept […]

How To Bring Out the Best In Your Kids And Others ( Part 1) with Rick Warren

Being a parent takes courage, effort, and sacrifice. In fact, raising a child may be the most demanding task of life. The way we bring up a child not only affects that child’s life, but it impacts generations to come. In this message, Pastor Rick invites four Saddleback fathers to share their thoughts on bringing […]

Saddleback Parent Party Overview

We are so excited about the launch of Saddleback Parents and our inaugural Parent Party. Here’s a quick glance at the fun and festivities from October’s Parent Party. Stay tuned for more parenting events like this and more from Saddleback Parents in 2019.


No idea where to start, literally, on Check out this quick overview of what the site has to offer. Sit back, listen up, and see where we can help you win as a parent today!


With the needs for improvement in parenting being numerous, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Where on earth do you start? Check out Pastor Kurt Johnston’s inaugural message at the first-ever Parent Party for some tips on just where to start on your parenting journey. Simplify, focus, and start here!

Give Thanks

Give THANKS IN ALL Things “..give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18 You’ve likely read the above verse dozens of times. But as a busy parent in the midst of raising kids, how can you remember to actually do it? In a season […]

Start Here

Books, articles, podcasts, videos, and more are chockfull of great parenting information and ideas. And every nugget of wisdom can only help to strengthen you in your parenting journey. But at the same time, all the resources can easily become information overload leaving you feeling paralyzed and wondering where to even begin. Let us encourage […]