Start Here

Books, articles, podcasts, videos, and more are chockfull of great parenting information and ideas. And every nugget of wisdom can only help to strengthen you in your parenting journey. But at the same time, all the resources can easily become information overload leaving you feeling paralyzed and wondering where to even begin. Let us encourage you to START HERE with five easy ways to pray for your child. After all, you have to start somewhere if you want to get to your ultimate destination.

The One-Word Prayer: It is literally that simple, one word. No fancy lingo or grandiose vision; just think of ONE word that you want your child to be known for today. For example, “Lord, today help my child be CONFIDENT.” There is mighty power when you make your requests simple and known to God.

Bedroom Door Prayer: Stand outside each of your child’s rooms and pray for 30-seconds. Pray for a night of restful sleep. Pray for a new day to begin tomorrow with new opportunities. Pray that your child will be a reflection of Christ in all that he/she says and does.

Car/Front Door Prayer: During the school year, say a short prayer for your child when you hear the front door or car door shut each morning. Mornings are hectic, and finding time to pray for our kids as they start their day is hard, so the sounds of their doors shutting behind them as they head off to school is a great reminder to say a quick prayer for their day and the impact they will make upon their teachers, peers, and more.

Click & Pray: Each time you fasten your seatbelt, pray for your child. Again, it is easy to get lost in the busyness of shuttling your child from here-to-there. Let the all-too-familiar seatbelt click remind you to pray for your safe travels and the journey ahead for your child.

Toothbrush Prayer: Pray for your child in the morning and at night as you brush your teeth. This is one final simple reminder to pray for your child. Instead of this just being another mundane task in your getting ready for the day and for bed, transform it into an intentional time with God. Start and end your day in the power of prayer over your children.