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The Most Strategic 10-minutes Of Your Day

“What if reading the Bible was as much a part of their daily lives as brushing their teeth?”, asked a young mom I work with. We were having a discussion about helping parents see the importance of children building the habit of reading and engaging with the Bible on a regular basis.

After all, parents make sure other daily routines they view as valuable and strategic for the long-term health and well-being of their children are implemented regularly…thus the teeth-brushing question.

Studies indicate that the biblical literacy among adult churchgoers is at an all-time low. Fewer and fewer adults see the Bible as an authoritative, trustworthy source of truth, wisdom and guidance.

The Bible is no longer THE lens through which most in the church view the world around them, and instead has simply become A lens that gives some perspective now and then when needed. In short, for most people the Bible has been relegated to the rear-view mirror and is slowly fading further and further into the distance.

Alarmed? Good. Want to do something with your children to help ensure the Bible is an important part of their life and faith? Easy. Seriously…it isn’t hard. Just make the decision that daily Bible engagement is a necessity; like brushing teeth, doing homework, completing chores etc. then create a plan to keep it a priority.

One idea would be to introduce the idea of the “10-minute Moment” as part of your daily ritual with your kids. Set aside Ten minutes a day to read a few verses from the Bible together and spend a moment asking a few questions such as…
– “What do you think was the most interesting part of what we just read?”
– “Was there anything that you think we should pay extra attention to?”
– “Was there anything in what we just read together that was confusing?”
– “What do you think God might be saying to us through what we just read?”

The Bible describes itself as a light for our paths. The world our children are navigating can be dark and confusing, but God’s Word provides clarity and direction.

So, what if? What if the Bible was as much a part of their daily lives as brushing their teeth?


  • Kurt Johnston

    In youth ministry since 1988, Kurt Johnston has been at Saddleback Church since 1997, and currently supports the kids and youth ministry teams. Kurt has written almost 100 books, resources, and training curriculum to help encourage other pastors serving the next generation. Kurt and his wife, Rachel, live in Southern California and have two adult children.

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