The Gospel in 5 Words

The Gospel In 5 Words

As parents and kids spend more time at home together during our current health crisis, there is certainly an increase in the amount of time you are spending talking to your kids….and hopefully it’s not focused purely around imploring at them to spend less time on YouTube and Netflix.  Hopefully conversations about life, faith, God and Jesus are creeping into your household during this season because this season is causing everybody to wonder about some bigger-picture issues.  And your children are having some questions of their own, and the door may be open to have some deeper-level spiritual conversations together.

If, during the course of one such conversation, the opportunity arises to talk about Jesus, and the salvation He offers in a scriptural, simple yet profound way…we have a little tool to help you out!  In our student ministries at Saddleback Church we use our GO5PEL IN 5 WORDS tool to give our leaders and our students a simple explanation of the gospel and our need for Jesus Christ.  You may already feel very comfortable and equipped to talk to your children about this important topic but if you are looking for a little extra support…another arrow in your quiver…this may help!