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The Child Check-Up Quiz

Not long ago I stumbled upon a quiz designed to test husband’s knowledge of their wives. “This will be super easy”, I thought to myself. After all, my wife and I have been married for over 30 years…there’s almost nothing I don’t know about my wife, right?

Wrong. The little test asked a dozen basic questions, and I was shocked at how many I couldn’t answer with confidence. My dismal performance served as a not so gentle reminder that I needed to do a better job of listening, paying attention to and discovering things about my wife.

Below is a similar quiz that you can take concerning each one of your children. Perhaps it will draw attention to an area or two that you can listen, pay attention to and discover about your children. Think of it as a little check-up for yourself as a parent.

*What is your child’s favorite subject at school?
*When did your child last win some sort of award?
*What is your child’s favorite color?
*What is something your child is afraid of?
*What does your child want to be when he/she “grows up”?
*What is something that really frustrates your child?
*When is the last time you spent 30-60 minutes of alone time with your child?
*What is your child’s favorite hobby?
*What is your child’s favorite fast-food restaurant?
*What household chore does your child complain about the most?
*When was the last time your child felt proud about something they accomplished?
*What is something guaranteed to make your child laugh?

How’d you do? If there was a question or two or nine that you struggled with, that’s okay! You now have an awesome homework assignment of discovery that will be fun, meaningful and enlightening. Enjoy!


  • Kurt Johnston

    In youth ministry since 1988, Kurt Johnston has been at Saddleback Church since 1997, and currently supports the kids and youth ministry teams. Kurt has written almost 100 books, resources, and training curriculum to help encourage other pastors serving the next generation. Kurt and his wife, Rachel, live in Southern California and have two adult children.

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