How to Help Your Child Bounce Back After a Setback

We can guarantee that your child has had, is going through and/or will continue to face setbacks. Thankfully, children are highly resilient. But they are not simply made that way. Children grow and develop resilience, the ability to bounce back, through the conversations and opportunities they face. Join Kurt Johnston and Liza Gant as they […]

Survival Skills for a Screen-driven Society

It’s simply a fact, we live in a day and age driven by screens in many different forms. We cannot turn a blind eye or ignore it. Instead, let’s band together with some basic survival skills for a screen-driven society. Kurt Johnston and Liza Gant will provide some basic survival skills for raising kids at […]

Parenting Lessons Learned During the Lockdown

If nothing else, lockdown has taught us a LOT about ourselves and our families. We could each write some hefty books about the lessons we have learned in parenting, especially. Join us as we scratch the surface of some key lessons Kurt Johnston and Liza Gant learned over the past year plus of the COVID-19 […]

Our Biggest Parenting Wins and Fails

Join Kurt Johnston and Liza Gant as they get real and real vulnerable with one of their biggest parenting wins and fails. We can best learn from one another in such honest conversations of reflection and evaluation. And may you rise up to experience some of your biggest parenting wins moving forward!