The Phases of Parenting: Birth-Kindergarten

The journey of parenting begins in this earliest phase. This first phase is filled with celebration, confusion, frustration, and more. Learn how you can best leverage your role as a parent to achieve mighty goals while your child is little. [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”” text=”Download The Outline” color_override=””] [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” […]

Intro to the Phases of Parenting

Your child is currently in a particular phase of development. This video is an overview of the 5 phases that Saddleback Parents will look at the stages and phases of children and how it then impacts your goals and roles as a parent. Dive in to understand what these phases look like and how God […]

Saddleback Parent Party Overview

We are so excited about the launch of Saddleback Parents and our inaugural Parent Party. Here’s a quick glance at the fun and festivities from October’s Parent Party. Stay tuned for more parenting events like this and more from Saddleback Parents in 2019.


With the needs for improvement in parenting being numerous, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Where on earth do you start? Check out Pastor Kurt Johnston’s inaugural message at the first-ever Parent Party for some tips on just where to start on your parenting journey. Simplify, focus, and start here!

Treasuring Our Children

I am told of a story of when a mother put her three-year-old son down for his afternoon nap. She went to check on him a few minutes later only to find that he had used a permanent marker to scrawl the letter “Z” across every surface in his room: walls, furniture, sheets, mini blinds, […]