Smart Phone Safety, Survival and Sanity!

  All throughout history, our advancements have also brought unintended side effects. And while the side effects rarely outweigh the benefits (for example, I’m not about to quit eating pizza simply because of the side effect of heart burn!), it’s important to recognize that there is a downside to many of the luxuries and advances […]

Parent’s Guide: Giving Your Student a Cell Phone

The milestone of giving your student their first cell phone may be the most significant milestone of their adolescence. The oldest of Generation Z (born 1997-2012) would have been ten years old when the first iPhone hit the shelves; which many would say revolutionized the cell phone/smartphone market. This fact shaped their idea of what […]

Supporting Children Through a Mental Health Crisis

A parent’s worst nightmare is hearing your child is struggling with thoughts of suicide. Kelly Rosati offers practical tools that she has learned from years of lived experience in supporting her kids. Join Kay and Kelly as they discuss where parents can find support for their children who struggle with suicidal thoughts. Additional resources for […]