Pornography Can Take Down Your Teen

Pornography is wreaking havoc on the minds and hearts of teenagers today. It’s definitely not a feel-good parenting topic, but it must be addressed and discussed with your teen. It’s possible you made it through the teen years without viewing pornography. That is probably not the case with your teen. In fact, if your child […]

Hidden Suffering: Trauma, Abuse, and Domestic Violence

We are so honored to have Dr. Diane Langberg join us. Dr. Langberg speaks on two often hidden experiences of suffering: sexual abuse and domestic violence. As a practicing psychologist and international speaker working with trauma survivors, caregivers and clergy around the world, Dr. Langberg has much to share with us about suffering and God’s […]

The Purity Code – Teaching Your Teen Healthy Sexuality

It just sort of happened. I wasn’t planning on losing my virginity. He was cute and he told me he loved me. The next day he pretended like he didn’t know me at school. —Jenny, age 15 Since when is being a virgin a bad thing? I’m proud of my abstinence, and I will continue […]

College Ministry Profile

Even though your college student is technically a young adult, they are still your child. Check out these frequently addressed topics that college students are facing today so that you, a parent of a college student, are better informed, equipped and prepared in your parenting skills.

FAQ Part 2

In the second of two episodes, Kurt and Liza discuss 3 more frequently asked parenting questions. The questions discussed phase-specific in this episode are: 1) How do I help my child navigate friendships and bullying? 2) When should I let my child have a cell phone? and 3) When do I let my child start […]

JHM Sex Talks

Check out what the 7th & 8th graders in Junior High Ministry learned about SEX  these past two weeks in Life Groups.  And then, parents of teenagers, take the time to read through these wise tips and recommendations as you navigate the tough reality of relationships, sex, and more.  Be ready, be equipped, and be […]

6 Stats on How Social Media Affects Teens that Parents Need to Know

Social media, just like many of the other major components of the Internet, started out simple enough; connect with friends and spend time together when you cannot be physically together. However, just like many of the major components of the Internet, social media has blown up in popularity with adults and more so, teenagers, who […]

How Do I Select a Technology Monitoring Service?

Teens and kids today are spending more and more time online through mobile devices. Simply seeing our kids’ actions and behavior in the physical world is no longer enough to know how they are acting or who they are with since the rise of social media and these digital devices. So, what is a parent […]

The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices

By Jonathan McKee REVIEW: A couple quick things to understand about The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices. While this book’s title includes the word “teen” in it, this is a book for more than just teens. This book is a great book to be read together with parents of late elementary and […]