How Are You?

Mental & Emotional Health for Parents & Children

Guessing the typical response you get is, “Fine!” How do you dive deeper in connection and communication with your child, especially in this season that is anything but fine? Get specific and get started tonight.

FAQ Part 2

In the second of two episodes, Kurt and Liza discuss 3 more frequently asked parenting questions. The questions discussed phase-specific in this episode are: 1) How do I help my child navigate friendships and bullying? 2) When should I let my child have a cell phone? and 3) When do I let my child start […]

6 Ways Busy Parents Can Connect to the Heart of a Child

Let’s face it! We each have 24 hours in a day! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks and activities vying for our attention. But ultimately, we all have control of how we allot our time. As a parent, nothing is more important than investing in the lives of our children. But with all […]

8 Ways to Pray for your Child

From the moment they are placed in our arms to the first post on Instagram to the driver’s license test to packing the last box for college, parents are inundated with endless thoughts of their children. I confess that sometimes my parental musings are filled more with worry and fear than anticipation and hope. How […]