The Other Side

By Jacqueline Woodson REVIEW: There is power in simple friendships, a great message for school-age children from preschool through elementary, addressing the realities of our racially separated history. A long fence separates the black side and the white side of town. Yet Annie, a white girl, curiously always toes the line playing near or sitting […]

FAQ Part 2

In the second of two episodes, Kurt and Liza discuss 3 more frequently asked parenting questions. The questions discussed phase-specific in this episode are: 1) How do I help my child navigate friendships and bullying? 2) When should I let my child have a cell phone? and 3) When do I let my child start […]

FAQ Part 1

In this first of two episodes, Kurt and Liza discuss 3 frequently asked parenting questions. The questions discussed phase-specific are:  1) How do I connect and communicate with my child? 2) What’s appropriate discipline for my child? and 3) How do I help my child struggling in his/her faith?

Kids and Mental Health

Join the October Mental Health Gathering as Kay Warren and team look at the statistics, symptoms, and hope for kids and mental health.

THE Best

Our children are undergoing massive amounts of stress and pressure, unlike ever before. Younger and younger kids are being signed up for sports and extracurriculars. And gone are the days of pure recreation replaced by “advanced levels” – club sports, personal trainings, elite dance academies and much more. Then the academic rigor is amplified with […]

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Bullying is part of the cultural landscape for adolescents today, even as it has been in previous generations. Some teenagers are still bullied in person–a 2014 study found that while in-school bullying among teens has been decreasing over time, ten percent of students have been bullied at school.1 But methods of bullying have expanded into […]

Sneaky Suspects: Teenagers and Screens

  Teenagers spend hours each day with their faces buried in screens jumping from app to app. Streaming, FaceTime, and Vlogs are normal things for the Generation Z teenager because technology has always been part of their life. As a result, parents often find themselves playing catch-up when it comes to managing the screens in […]

Understanding Apple’s “ScreenTime” App

Since the launch of iOS 12, Apple mobile devices have gotten a significant upgrade in the area of parental controls.  Formerly known as, Restrictions, Apple has rebranded and revised the App to be known as ScreenTime. Parents welcome this change for many reasons, one being the feature of monitoring personal screen use.  Whether you as a parent are […]

A Parents Guide to Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse

Many, perhaps most, teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol. This doesn’t mean they will become addicts, but the experimental behavior that occurs at adolescence can quickly bring problems, even deadly ones, to a family. The Franklin family lost their son, the school’s quarterback and a leader of their church’s youth group, in a drunk driving […]