Helping Your Kids Cope

In this episode, Kurt is joined by therapist Tasha Levert as they discuss helicopter parenting and how over parenting our kids hinders their development and ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Santa Strategies

Several years ago I learned a youth pastor lesson the hard way. I was speaking to a room full of 7th and 8th graders on the topic of “How Do I Know Jesus Is Real?”; an important topic for young teenagers to wrestle through! Assuming that no 11-14-year-olds still believed in Santa Claus, I used […]

Saddleback Parent Party Overview

We are so excited about the launch of Saddleback Parents and our inaugural Parent Party. Here’s a quick glance at the fun and festivities from October’s Parent Party. Stay tuned for more parenting events like this and more from Saddleback Parents in 2019.


With the needs for improvement in parenting being numerous, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Where on earth do you start? Check out Pastor Kurt Johnston’s inaugural message at the first-ever Parent Party for some tips on just where to start on your parenting journey. Simplify, focus, and start here!

Fortnite, Helping Parents Win the Battle

Fortnite…it’s everywhere and has proven to be more than a game but rather, a cultural phenomenon. With close to 80 million people users, spending an average of $85 on “V-bucks” and “skins” on this free game, it’s influence has soared to epic proportions. And, if you are like most parents of children in the 10-18-year-old age […]

The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices

By Jonathan McKee REVIEW: A couple quick things to understand about The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices. While this book’s title includes the word “teen” in it, this is a book for more than just teens. This book is a great book to be read together with parents of late elementary and […]

Kids Need Parents Who Are Leaders

I’m afraid too many parents have indulged and enabled their children to such an extent that they have helped create irresponsible and even narcissistic kids. When we have weak, inconsistent discipline and poor boundaries, kids just aren’t willing to grow up. This doesn’t mean teens shouldn’t be nurtured and affirmed, though. Every child needs parents […]