Middle schoolers be like

If you are raising a middle schooler, sometimes you just have to have a good laugh. Can you relate to any of this?!?!

Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Tough Stuff

We are navigating uncharted territory with the coronavirus and the closure of virtually everything “normal” in our day-to-day…schools, sports, extracurriculars, playdates, amusement parks, stores, and church. One thing is certain, your kids need you to navigate the boat in these choppy waters. Here are a few tips as you tackle talking to your kids about […]

3 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Kids

Parents have been struggling to connect and understand their children for generations. Your parents wondered why you did the things you did, pondered how to better relate to your interests, and even tried to create moments where they felt less like a parent and more like a friend. It seems like the increase in innovation […]

Five Reasons Your Teen and PreTeen Want You to Set Boundaries

Does your preteen or teenager really want boundaries? While you will never hear your teens say to you, “Can you please add some more restrictions to my life?” they really do want to know what’s expected of them and what will be the consequences of violating the boundaries that you’ve set. In homes where parents set clear boundaries for […]

FAQ Part 2

In the second of two episodes, Kurt and Liza discuss 3 more frequently asked parenting questions. The questions discussed phase-specific in this episode are: 1) How do I help my child navigate friendships and bullying? 2) When should I let my child have a cell phone? and 3) When do I let my child start […]

FAQ Part 1

In this first of two episodes, Kurt and Liza discuss 3 frequently asked parenting questions. The questions discussed phase-specific are:  1) How do I connect and communicate with my child? 2) What’s appropriate discipline for my child? and 3) How do I help my child struggling in his/her faith?

Wheel of Strength

Join Dan Adams as he shares all about the Wheel of Strength, a vital resource in the prevention of suicide.