In-laws, Step Families and The Blend: Five Tips to Navigate the Relationship

As we work through the five tips that follow, keep in mind this principle: “Wear beige and keep your mouth shut.” It effectively summarizes the best approach to navigating and improving a relationship with an in-law. One woman told me, “I’m surprised my tongue doesn’t have scars from the number of times I’ve had to […]

Max McGhee: Empowering Principles

In the second video in the Tuff Stuff series, learn all about the attachment cycle.  Identify and implement the empowering principles to build hope, trust, and stability in your home.

Blended Families

Being in a blended family is a mix of joys and trials. Kurt Johnston has Saddleback Church staff members, Rommel Manio and Erica Marshall, in-studio to talk through the highs, lows, lessons, and life in co-parenting and navigating blended family life.  Incredible wisdom from these parents who have found profound blessings in their blended families.