Kids and Mental Health

Join the October Mental Health Gathering as Kay Warren and team look at the statistics, symptoms, and hope for kids and mental health.

The Blessing: Giving the Gift of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

By John Trent, PhD & Gary Smalley REVIEW: Genesis 27, the story of twins—Jacob and Esau—reveals a deeper story about the impact on one’s life when he receives, or he misses the blessing of his father. This book is a timeless call to action to take the blessing challenge. If Jacob’s and Esau’s lives aren’t […]

Teenagers and Technology…What’s a Parent to Do?

Technology and teenagers…some parents fear it, while others ignore it all together. Both strategies are a mistake, and on this episode Kurt is joined by parent and co-worker, Julie Chung to talk about raising teenagers in a world of technology and smart phones that provide limitless information at the swipe of a finger.

Love-Powered Parenting: Loving Your Kids the Way Jesus Loves You

By Tom & Chaundel Holladay REVIEW: Love-Powered Parenting presents parenting on a solid Biblical foundation It is an easily digestible book, in its layout. Each of the six parenting principles has five chapters expounding on the principle. Then, each chapter concludes with a “Verse to Remember” and an “Action to Take”, challenging you to know […]

The Ruling is…Non-Guilty (Mom Guilt, Part 2)

  If you didn’t read my blog on “(Mom) Guilty as Charged (Mom Guilt, Part 1)” please do so first so that this then makes better sense. Living with Mom Guilt is anything but desirable. So how can you be freed from the chains and bonds of it? Start here: 1) Stop Comparing. There is ALWAYS […]

(Mom) Guilty as Charged (Mom Guilt, Part 1)

A little bit about myself. I work in full-time ministry. I am also a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. These are my “paid” vocations but my full FULL time gig is wife and mama of 4 little ones. Not to mention the number of volunteer hats I wear in their lives—Room Mom, PTA, AYSO, USA […]