Coming Soon – Saddleback Anaheim Parent Workshop

We have a fantastic opportunity for you this Friday night at 7 PM! We are hosting an Online Parent Workshop that is geared toward exactly what we’re all going through right now. With our kids at home more than ever, this can be a fantastic time to build our relationships with them. At the same time, and from my home, it’s also a difficult time when tempers are high, and fuses are running a little shorter than they usually might be!

Max McGee and his wife Tristen are going to be teaching a live workshop for us called
Empowering Parents to help their child heal and develop positive behaviors.

Honestly, I couldn’t figure out how to shorten that title because I truly believe that the things they will be walking all of us through are vital for our relationships with our children and even more valuable right now while we are all at home!

You can join us on a live zoom call, use the information below so you can ask questions and participate in the workshop with Max and Tristen. Note that there is a password. If you need help with Zoom, please email me back, and I would love to help you out!

Join Zoom Meeting
7 PM, April 3rd

Meeting ID: 719 326 992
Password: saddleback

Another option would be to watch the live zoom call on our Facebook page Saddleback Church Anaheim.

I’m currently working on more workshops for us, including a technology workshop, but if you have any needs or suggestions, please email me back and let me know!!