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How To Win In The CONSULTANT Role

As Parents to a child in the final stage, Stage 5, of the On Purpose Parents Plan, your role is what we refer to as a Consultant and your goal is that you will help your college-aged child “Reproduce Their Faith.”

As your child embarks on the exciting journey of college life, be sure to keep yourself available and accessible to them when they ask for your help. Here are 5 actions to take as their Consultant that will help them “Reproduce Their Faith”:

1) Be Available and Responsive
Have an open line of communication, assuring your child that you are there when they need guidance. Allow them the space to reach out when they are ready to discuss young adult life, your Christian faith, or any aspect of their college experience.

2) Share Thoughtful Insights
When your young adult child seeks your input, share thoughtful insights based on your experiences. Discuss how your faith has shaped your life and decisions. However, refrain from imposing your beliefs. Instead, encourage critical thinking and self-reflection, allowing them to form their own perspectives.

3) Provide Information
Equip your college-aged child with information that supports their exploration of faith. Share relevant articles, books, or resources that align with their interests and questions. Encourage them to get involved in a local church community, attend faith-based events on campus, or join student groups that foster a sense of Christian community.

4) Instill a Passion for Expression
Passion is contagious. Model and instill in your child a passion for expressing and sharing their beliefs. Encourage them to participate in discussions, write about their experiences, and engage in outreach activities. This not only strengthens their faith but also empowers them to articulate their beliefs authentically and confidently.

5) Encourage Authentic Communication
As your child navigates the diverse college environment, emphasize the importance of authentic communication. Encourage them to engage in respectful conversations with peers of varying beliefs. Speaking the truth in love and doing it in a humble and gentle way is imperative. This fosters a deeper understanding of their own faith while promoting a culture of mutual respect.

“Reproduce Their Faith” is the Goal

As Consultant to your college-aged child, take joy in the role you’ve played in helping them learn to reproduce their faith. As they embark on the adventure of reproducing their faith, cherish the shared moments of growth, learning, and discovery.

Your availability, insights, and encouragement will have laid the foundation for them to navigate the diverse landscape of college life while staying rooted in their beliefs. Know that the seeds you’ve planted will bloom into a vibrant and resilient faith that they’ll be excited to share. This is not just a goal, but it’s a beautiful unfolding of their spiritual journey… as you raise a child who is an “interdependent, life-long follower of Jesus, who desires to make a Kingdom contribution.”

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  • Chris Reed

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