REPLENISH: for Adoptive/foster families and those who care for them

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Join us for REPLENISH every Tuesday on Zoom or Facebook for encouragement and tools to sustain you during this season of uncertainty. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the guests while you replenish your soul.

This week’s guest is Pam Parish, the founder and CEO of Connections Homes an organization birthed out of her personal story as a mom to eight daughters (all currently between the ages of 22 – 26)—one birth daughter and seven adopted daughters from various circumstances (foster care, aging out of foster care, adoption disruption, trafficking, and homelessness). She has more than 10 years of experience in foster care, trauma-informed care, and crisis parenting.

Pam is also the author of three devotional-style books used worldwide as a standard for helping families prepare for foster care and adoption (Ready or Not, released in 2012), to “stay in the game” when they are tired and worn out (Battle-Weary Parents, released in 2015), and to understand the importance of the gift they can be in a child’s life who has no one (The Gift, released in 2018).

About the host, Tristen McGhee is a certified TBRI® Practitioner, adoptive mom, writer, and advocate for kids from hard places. She has extensive experience working with vulnerable families to find a path of hope and healing.

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