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Welcome to a milestone episode of the On Purpose Parents Podcast! Join us as we jubilantly mark our 50th episode with heartfelt reflections, laughter, and a touch of parenting advice.

In this special edition, we look into the rich diversity that shapes our podcast, from the eclectic mix of our audience to the unique perspectives brought by our hosts. With humor and warmth, we reminisce about unforgettable moments, from hilarious games with guests to touching insights into parenting and faith.

As we embrace the New Year, we take a moment to pause, reflecting on the incredible journey of parenting and the joyous, sometimes chaotic, ride it offers. Amidst the rush of resolutions, we invite you to join us in this candid conversation, encouraging you to stop, reflect, and find gratitude in the beautiful messiness of parenthood.

Our relaxed, quirky style sets us apart in the world of parenting podcasts – we’re not your conventional experts, but fellow parents navigating the rollercoaster of raising children while discovering the joy in every twist and turn. Here’s to 50 episodes and counting – thank you for being part of our On Purpose Parents family! 🎉🍰✨ ====================================================
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