Dating Your Kids, Part 2: 5 Dad-Daughter Dates

Dads, date your daughters. There is no greater model for how your daughters should expect to be treated by a future boyfriend and spouse than spending time with their very own dad. And it is never too early or too late to date your daughter. Ask her on a date today. You will not regret it! Here are 5 dad-daughter dates to consider:

  • Family Chefs – This is more of an activity than a date, but you’ll have tons of fun together. Pick a night of the week and ask the rest of the family to disappear for 90-minutes so the two of you can cook dinner for everybody. Pick a recipe your family has never tried and get to work! If the meal turns out perfect, that’s fine…but it may be even better if a few things go wrong along the way!
  • Outdoor Adventures – Most girls would love to get some time out in nature with dad; and the options are limitless. Take a walk, hike, or jog together. Explore a new territory, be it the beach or the snow. Go for a bike ride. Try your hand at fishing or tennis. Soak in the sun (or the snow) and get active together! If you already know your daughter’s favorite outdoor activity, plan a special time to do that together.
  • She Plans, You Pay – Give your daughter a budget and tell her that as long as she stays within budget…anything goes! Be warned, this date could end up being anything from indoor skydiving to getting a pedicure together….or both!
  • Special Events – this one takes a bit more advance planning and a probably more funds. Check out what events are local and up-and-coming. It may be as simple as the latest movie release. Or as complex as booking tickets to a nice play or their favorite band. Be on the lookout for what you think may peak your daughter’s interest.
  • Mystery Date – Tell your daughter in advance that this date is gonna be a mystery to both of you! Then enlist a spouse, sibling or family friend to plan the evening and write the details and directions in a sealed envelope. Start the night together at a coffee shop, then open the envelope and see where things go!