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4 “Old-School” Ways To Have Fun On Christmas Break

Christmas break is just around the corner, and you may be in need of some ideas to fill the time with your kids.

Scripture reminds us that “There is nothing new under the sun.”, but there are probably a few fun, old-school ways to pass the time that your kids might love.  Here are four easy ways to have some fun during the upcoming break:

  1. Tower Tumble
    Between now and Christmas, save every Amazon box and bag that gets delivered to your door, and as you open gifts, save every box and bag possible. To Tower Tumble, simply divide all the boxes and stackable items you can find among two teams. Each team builds a tower that they think can withstand the attack from the other team. Give each team five rolled-up pairs of socks and have them take turns throwing the socks at the opposing team tower. After five tosses, the team whose tower has suffered the least damage is the winner.
  2. Gutter Races
    Next time there is enough rain to create a flowing “river” in your gutters, it’s time to race! Let each child pick several ‘boats’ (leaves, sticks, etc.) and race them one at a time down the gutter.
  3. License Plate Chaos
    Going on a road trip? Here are two classic games you may have played as a child…
    -Alphabet Challenge – First person to point out (others have to witness it) all 26 letters of the alphabet on license plates of other cars is the winner.
    -Out of State – Set a timer for 20 minutes. Whoever can identify the most out-of-state license plates is the winner.
  4. Car Rally
    Have your kids invite a few friends and break into two teams with half the kids in one car and the other half in the other car. Set a time that everybody will meet at a designated ending point (donut shop, bobba shop, etc.) Give each driver a list of challenges that need to be accomplished by before time runs out. The driver must take a picture of each challenge taking place. When you meet back together at the designated location, everybody compares notes, shares the pictures etc.  Here are a few examples of challenges you could include…
    -Take a picture of your whole team on a swing set at the park.
    -Take a picture of your whole team hugging a tree.
    -Take a picture of your whole team giving a fast-food worker a high five.
    -Take a picture of somebody on your team eating a pickle.
    -Take a video of somebody on your team skipping through a local store.
    -Take a picture of your whole team standing on their heads.



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