Single Parents Boost with Solange Pike

Single parents be it moms or dads are simply unbelievable. The undertaking of raising kids, period, is daunting. But then compound the realities if you are navigating it as a single parent. But you do not and you should not do it alone. Join us as Solange Pike shares her own experiences and passions to […]

2 Under 2 with Kayla Harker

Life with a newborn or toddler is quite the undertaking. Then compound it with multiple littles. Join us with special guest Kayla Harker as she shares the in vivo realities of raising 2 under 2 years of age. Tune in if you are parenting littles, share with others in your same phase of parenting or […]

Back to Routines & Not So Routines

Summer is wrapped up or already wrapped up. August & September mean back-to-school for most of our Saddleback Parents. Let’s get back into this season of school with some back-to-school basics, especially in the intentional use of your time and decisions.

Grand-parenting Gold with Cynthia Petty

More grandparents are involved, invested in and invited into the parenting journey today. Join us as Cynthia Petty shares from her personal wealth of experiences as a parent AND grandparent. Whether your kids’ grandparents are present or absent, the power of a grandparent-type figure is important. Check out what grandparenting gold we mined this week!