Nuclear Emotions

Mental & Emotional Health for Parents & Children

Nuclear Emotions emotions are swirling inside your children whether they are staying locked in, leaking out or full-on exploding. Check out these four quick tips on how to respond if and when the emotions come out. And rewatch this again when they disappear only to pop out again seemingly randomly and certainly.

Emotions Under the Behaviors

Mental & Emotional Health for Parents & Children

There are always a mix of emotions underlying any behaviors in our children. Take tons of practical tips to help your child identify, express and explore the feelings. Parents, this will be helpful in your own emotional journey too.

How Are You?

Mental & Emotional Health for Parents & Children

Guessing the typical response you get is, “Fine!” How do you dive deeper in connection and communication with your child, especially in this season that is anything but fine? Get specific and get started tonight.

Slow to Speak

Mental & Emotional Health for Parents & Children

Think about all our kids are going through and how they’re processing everything happening to and around them. When your kids come to you with more complex problems, what on earth do you do? Start here.

We Were Coming to Church But Then…

  How many times as a parent of a child with Special Needs have you started this sentence? You woke up Sunday morning and had the best intentions of making it to church. You knew what you were going to wear, you had breakfast planned in your head, you knew what you needed to do […]

To Tell or Not to Tell

by Amy Kendall Have you ever stopped yourself from telling a school teacher or a Sunday school leader that your child has a disability? I’ll be honest, I have done this. This is where my thoughts go. I wonder if maybe I should let them get to know my son first before I tell them […]

Financial Freedom Ministries

No matter where you are in your relationship with money, we have a resource that can help you grow into the money-manager that God wants you to be. Designed to encourage you in your next stewardship steps, we offer online workshops, individual coaching, estate planning and online financial seminars. We address topics like budgeting, saving, […]

First Aid for Families, College Ministry

Spiritual Resources for Kids Teens

Special guests Colton Harker and Mike Brook discuss the Saddleback Church’s college ministry with host Brandon Robinson. College students today are asking: “Who did God create me to be like?” “What am I here for?” and “What am I going to do with my life?” What are ways to parent your college aged children who […]

First Aid for Families, High School Ministry

Spiritual Resources for Kids Teens

We are fortunate to have High School Ministry leaders Jason Pogue and Emma Aungst join Jason Weiland in this special First Aid For Families podcast. With high school being such a critical phase in the lives of our children, topics of screen time, relationships, the ever-changing cultural landscape, grace and patience for our high schoolers […]

First Aid for Families, Junior High Ministry Podcast

Spiritual Resources for Kids Teens

Katie Edwards described the junior high years with her kids as one of the best times with her student. She is joined by Brandon Robinson and Matt Heer to talk about having a sense of humor and enjoying this time of rapid development of your junior high student. Also talked about were emotional development, the […]