Black Is a Rainbow Color

By Angela Joy REVIEW: Beautiful illustrations and eloquent words woven together bring this book to life. Best audience is elementary age for comprehension of its depth. “Black is a Rainbow Color” is the poetic conclusion drawn when at first it seems black is NOT a rainbow color. This book traverses the rich history of what […]

The Colors of Us

  By Karen Katz REVIEW: This book, not intended, seems like a great follow-up to “Shades of People”. It takes the idea of shades of skin to the next level through the eyes of an artistic child. A great next level book for Kinder through elementary-age children. Nearby friends and neighbors who are all different […]

Shades of People

By Shelley Rotner & Sheila M. Kelly REVIEW: Toddlers up to early elementary will appreciate this simple reminder that people come in all sorts of shades. It introduces children to the reality of our exterior difference in skin tones. The photographs of kids across the ages and stages in all the variety of shades make […]

Parents, Teens & Screens

Teenagers spend hours each day with their faces buried in screens jumping from app to app. Streaming, FaceTime, and Vlogs are normal things for the Generation Z teenager because technology has always been part of their life. As a result, parents often find themselves playing catch-up when it comes to managing the screens. Even the […]

Across the Alley

By Richard Michelson REVIEW: What a beautifully illustrated story of friendship between two boys—one Jewish and one black. It is a great conversation starter for elementary-age children as slavery, Nazism and segregation issues are lightly introduced. See how two friends who live “Across the Alley” defy the ethnic and racial stereotypes by taking on each […]

We’re Different, We’re the Same (Sesame Street)

By Bobbi Jane Kates REVIEW: This is a great picture book for babies up to Kindergarten, maybe even early elementary. The beloved Sesame Street character present a simple yet powerful message so rightfully entitled, “We’re Different, We’re the Same and We’re All Wonderful!” Our noses, hair, mouths, skin, eyes, bodies and feelings all look different […]

The Power of Being There

My mom died a few years ago. It wasn’t easy. Cancer had racked her body, and we spent most of a year watching her die. We had moved Mom home from the hospital and were trying to make her as comfortable as possible with hospice care. We moved a hospital bed into Mom and Dad’s […]

Parenting: Your Highest Calling

Here are a few things I have learned about parenting over the years: Parenting isn’t easy. If you are having an easy go at it, then something is probably wrong. Parenting is exhausting. Just ask the mother of a newborn – or of a 2-year-old, a 10-year-old or even a 16-year-old, for that matter! Parenting is […]

The Priority of Children

Your job as a parent is a calling from God. It is more important than your vocation, bank account, education or even your own happiness. Besides your relationship with God Himself, your relationship with your children is primary; your influence and impact on them will, no doubt, be your greatest legacy. Throughout the Bible, family […]