Thoughts About Loss

parent pit-stop

Your kids have lost a lot in this season. There are great lessons that can be pulled even in the midst of loss. Learn these lessons to pass along.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

parent pit-stop

You are probably doing a good or even great job in managing this norm. But, you don’t have to keep it all together all the time. It’s okay to not be okay.

How To Handle Emotional Pain During The COVID-19 Crisis

With COVID-19, the quarantine, and the economic turmoil, our intake of information has increased, and with it, comes the news of pain around the world. It can be a simple scroll through social media, and within five minutes, you learn an acquaintance lost his parents to COVID-19, a business closed, and a friend is unemployed. Couple it […]

Growing Spiritually as a Couple While Raising Kids

It’s a common surprise: parents think that once their children get past the exhausting toddler years and become more independent, life will slow down and the couple will have more time to connect spiritually. For many, the opposite becomes reality. For whatever reason—busyness, tension in the relationship, stress, or another issue—couples can grow apart and […]

10 Facts About Adolescence (How to Survive the At-Home Quarantine)

Teenagers are being asked by the government to socially distance themselves from friends, meaning they are trapped at home with parents and siblings. Can you see the eye rolls? How many parents are quoting the proverbial? If you keep rolling your eyes, they’ll get stuck. This pandemic has brought about new challenges to all, so for the parents quarantined with […]

Ending the Homework Hassle

Any time parents of teenagers or pre-teens are in a room together, the subject of homework and education seems to be on their lips. My experience is that most of the time parents worry more about their teen’s schoolwork than the teen worries about their schoolwork! I’m not promising to improve your teen’s grade point […]

Temperature Goes Up

The temperature has gone up as our world revolves around and at-home. Step back, settle in, and see things from a fresh perspective.  

Having Faith Conversations with Your Family During the Quarantine

It’s such a crazy time for all of us. Families are feeling the stress and yet, for many of us, we have more time to have meaningful conversations. I wanted to give you five different faith conversations you could have with your family. All research tells us that when families have healthy faith conversations in […]

Make the Most of This Time

About a month ago, many of us were complaining that we were too busy, that life was moving too quickly, and that we wished we had more time to spend with our families. And now? Well, now we aren’t really sure what to do with all this unscheduled–and forced–family time, courtesy of COVID-19. None of […]