Wheel of Strength

Join Dan Adams as he shares all about the Wheel of Strength, a vital resource in the prevention of suicide.

Trusted Adults

Dan Adams dives deeper into the critical role that trusted adults play in the prevention of suicide. Learn how you can become a trusted adult and/or enlist the support of other trusted adults in your journey of parenting.

Kids and Mental Health

Join the October Mental Health Gathering as Kay Warren and team look at the statistics, symptoms, and hope for kids and mental health.

Goodbye Child, Welcome Son

Little One, Okay, maybe you are not that little, standing at six feet tall. I do enjoy the man you are becoming, but there are moments when I whisk back in time where blankets and chairs were forts fit for kings. I see the little boy, who slips his small, soft fingers in-between mine as […]

THE Best

Our children are undergoing massive amounts of stress and pressure, unlike ever before. Younger and younger kids are being signed up for sports and extracurriculars. And gone are the days of pure recreation replaced by “advanced levels” – club sports, personal trainings, elite dance academies and much more. Then the academic rigor is amplified with […]