When You’re Harassed & Bullied with Pastor Rick Warren

Talk to kids — Almost everyone has experienced harassment or bullying at some point in their lives. You can be bullied for your appearance, your gender, your ethnicity, your financial status, your abilities or disabilities, or even your faith. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will give you seven ways you can respond to bullies […]

True Confessions in Training Children Spiritually

I’m a children’s minister; have been for the last almost 15 years. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for more than 20 years. Been through seminary classes and countless Bible studies. Why am I telling you all this? To tout my spiritual depth and breadth? Quite the contrary. It is to “confess” that even though […]

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Bullying is part of the cultural landscape for adolescents today, even as it has been in previous generations. Some teenagers are still bullied in person–a 2014 study found that while in-school bullying among teens has been decreasing over time, ten percent of students have been bullied at school.1 But methods of bullying have expanded into […]