Adoption Talk

Adoption is prevalent throughout the Bible, so one would surmise it would be easy to talk about. In reality, the topic still brings some conversations to a grinding halt. Education is key at these junctures. Adoptive parents are taught that speaking about the adoption journey to their children helps create a sense of belonging and […]

Some Summer Stuff

  Summer is here! Hotter days, longer nights and way more free time for your kids. So, what can you do to help make the summer months memorable? Here are a few totally random, unrelated ideas that might work for your family. THE SUMMER OF ______________ Consider coming up with a fun tradition or routine […]

Practical Ideas for Influencing Your Grandkids

There are so many practical ways to influence your grandkids. Here are several ideas to get you started: Be present. Be fun. Be generous. Your presence matters. I call this “the power of being there.” Even if your grandkids are scattered around the country, you can be their digital positive influence. Keep in touch regularly. […]

Smart Phone Safety, Survival and Sanity!

  All throughout history, our advancements have also brought unintended side effects. And while the side effects rarely outweigh the benefits (for example, I’m not about to quit eating pizza simply because of the side effect of heart burn!), it’s important to recognize that there is a downside to many of the luxuries and advances […]

Fanning the Flames of Your Child’s Passions

It happens to every child. At some point along the way, they discover what (at least for the moment) is a new passion. But what if that passion isn’t your passion? What if that passion scares you? What if that passion is ill-advised? In this episode, Kurt and his guest, Johnny Baker, will discuss ideas […]

Parent’s Guide: Giving Your Student a Cell Phone

The milestone of giving your student their first cell phone may be the most significant milestone of their adolescence. The oldest of Generation Z (born 1997-2012) would have been ten years old when the first iPhone hit the shelves; which many would say revolutionized the cell phone/smartphone market. This fact shaped their idea of what […]

Teaching Rules, Responsibility, and Respect

Developing family rules, responsibility, and respect first begin with what we value. Pastor Rick Warren has told us many times that value depends on who owns something. The Bible tells us that we are God’s treasured possession (Deuteronomy 7:6); we are precious to Him (Isaiah 43:4); and it tells us that value depends on what […]