The Power of a Pause Button

I can still vividly remember the first time I saw a commercial for TiVo (the orginal DVR). My mind was blown. I simply couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I could pause live television; that while watching a football game, I could stop the action when the ball was in mid-air, go grab […]

The Art of Tension and Slack

  For a minute, imagine yourself holding a rope. At the end of the rope is your child. Is the rope tight or full of slack? Most parents have a default parenting style; of tension or slack. Which is it for you? Do you typically keep your child on a tight rope or is it […]

Pick Your Battles

It can definitely feel like you are swimming upstream, against the current, when it comes to a clean and organized way of life. When one “mess” finally gets cleaned up, within seconds another area of toys has exploded. And then milk has been spilled at the table. You are tripping on shoes strewn all across […]

Catch Your Child Doing Something Right

Over the course of my parenting journey I’ve become really good at something, and I’ve noticed that many other parents are equally skilled in this particular area, too. I’m great at pointing out the flaws in my children. I’m really good at catching them doing something wrong, coming up short or not living up to […]