Making the Most of the Transitional Years

How can parents not merely survive, but thrive during their child’s pre-teen years? Kurt is joined by friend and fellow Youth Pastor, Matt McCage and they discuss some tips to make the most of these important transitional years our children find themselves in.

2019…A Memory Each Month

2019…A Memory Each Month As my children were growing up, I was often hesitant to do things with them that felt overly contrived, forced or unnatural just for the sake of spending quality time together. As a result, I missed a ton of opportunities that would have otherwise built some fun memories. And while I […]

Keeping the Camp “High” Alive

Our youth often leave camps and retreats with a “spiritual high” that slowly but surely dies out over time. How can you, as a parent, engage with your child after they step off that bus and back into day-to-day living? Join John Luzadder, CYI youth camp specialist, as he shares with Kurt some keys to […]

Preparing Your Kids for College

If college is in your kid’s future, understand that there are many ways to pursue a college education without being subjected to a lifetime of debt. For your child, it may mean choosing to attend a community college for the first two years, and then attending an in-state school for the last two years. There […]

Lead Your Family Like Jesus

By Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges, and Tricia Goyer REVIEW: If you read just one parenting book this fall, it needs to be Leading Your Family Like Jesus, one of the clearest and most thorough guides for modeling Christ in the home in recent years. While there are many good parenting books, based on opinion or […]